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For many companies wellness is just a marketing term. For us it’s our way of life. Get well, be well, stay well… with ChagiT.
Function (def) -

The action for which someone or something exists.


Whatever actions we take, chaga supports us in those functions. It’s adaptogenic nature truly makes it the ultimate in functional nutrition.


Time is always moving. Life is constantly changing. We must evolve to keep up.

Being fit isn’t just about looking good, it’s how you feel about yourself and the world around you and how you deal with your life.

ChagiT helps you stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit, so that no matter what your lifestyle is, you’re ready to conquer its challenges.


Traveling exposes you to environments you’re not used to. Our bodies adapt to change, but it’s easier when you boost your energy with a Chaga shot to counter jet lag. Start every day, anywhere, the right way.

When you travel to new places, you meet new people and you also meet new bugs (viruses and bacteria) and they’re not always friendly. You may love the people, but Chaga helps your immune system to identify the bugs and fight them off, before they can establish a presence inside you and create illness.


Whether you are inside a plane or outside on a mountaintop, Chaga can be your sidekick, your BFF, the shot that helps protect you from the dangers you face and gives you the extra boost to reach your peak performance. For extended outdoor adventures, the Chaga shot can be added to your water supply and micro-dosed for optimum trail endurance.


The benefits of enhanced endurance, increased blood flow, reduced recovery time and hormonal balance should be apparent to participants in any sporting activity.

Chaga helps transform the average user into an athlete and lift professional athletes to the pinnacle of their sport.

Building mass and density throughout your musculo-skeletal structure is the core goal of bodybuilding. To achieve greatness, athletes must make many sacrifices and ingest excess quantities of protein and other supplements that can have long-term adverse health effects.

Chaga helps clean the liver and boost metabolism to shred out and build a truly healthy, championship caliber body.


Success in endurance racing, whether it’s marathon, triathlon or OCR, is predicated on maintaining speed and avoiding cramps.

Chaga gives you clean energy, because it’s a vasodilator and increases the oxygenated blood flow to your starving muscles. It diffuses lactic acid and fights against CNS fatigue, eliminating the source of cramps.

ChagiT gives you the energy and endurance to win!


Transforming your body into its genetically optimal form is the core concept of functional fitness. How can you increase your capabilities to perform better at every physical level? That’s where the Chaga “mechanic” factor comes in. Whatever you are trying to improve, the mechanic diagnoses your greatest need and focuses its energy there. Whatever you need, one of those 215 tools should do the trick.

Reaching your fitness goals requires a daily regimen that includes recovery time. Imagine how much faster you could achieve those goals, if you required less time for recovery. Chaga has a unique array of anti-inflammatories that can help get you back into the gym or onto the trails faster than ever before. ChagiT is a post-workout blessing.


For most people, fitness is a goal. For some, it’s a way of life. For others, it’s the difference between life and death. If you are in the military, law enforcement or first response, your fitness level can affect not only your life, but the lives of those you work with and those you save and protect. For most people, switching out a daily cup of coffee for Chaga’s clean energy is a great choice. For the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day, it’s a vital survival tool, it’s your backup, your shield. Never go a day without your shield.


Becoming a Master of Yoga requires years of training and tireless dedication to disciplined, esoteric movement. Practicing yoga requires only desire to grow and an open spirit. Deep breathing and enhanced flexibility come with continued practice.

Chaga can accelerate your progress from novice to master by increasing your vascularity, reducing inflammation and focusing your energy in the moment. If you are already a yogi or yogini, what are you waiting for?

Get your Chaga shots today!


Meditation can help to soothe your emotions and find answers to the challenges you face. It might seem counterproductive to boost your energy before seeking inner strength, but Chaga is exactly what you need.

The clean energy allows you to stay awake while in a relaxed state and avoid the jitters that you get from other energy sources, such as caffeine.


There are countless fitness trends and types of exercise but they all have one goal in common, to feel strong, healthy and satisfied in your body. The diets they propose can vary wildy, from keto to vegan, but they also have one rule in common. Nutrition is everything. You put work into your body, you should put the best fuel into it as well. ChagiT’s clean energy is the best fuel for life.

Digestive issues are a plague on our society. 1 in 4 Americans suffer daily from diseases ranging from painful to possibly fatal. Since Chaga was first discovered and throughout its history in Russia, its main use has been to help with digestive issues. It is a modulator, so if you’re going to the bathroom too often or not enough, it can help either way. From Crohn’s to diabetes to ulcerative colitis and gastroparesis, chaga has been found to help alleviate the symptoms of many digestive disorders.  If you’re suffering, it can help you break free of that daily torture.


Stress kills. Literally. We would all love to avoid stress in our lives but that’s not realistic. So the question becomes, how do you deal with it? We propose a balanced  approach. Accept that there are some things you cannot change and have the courage to change things that you can. Discover what makes you truly happy. Give what you can to those in need of your help. Always remember… One Chaga shot a day might actually change your life.

Chaga gives you clean energy and by the same token, it helps when you don’t need that energy. We heal when we sleep and with Chaga, you sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated, healthy and ready to take your Chaga shot to start your new day. Happiness can seem elusive, especially when you’re dealing with hormonal imbalances. Whether it’s a chronic condition or temporary situation, when our hormones fluctuate improperly, our mood is greatly affected. Chaga can help you find that elusive feeling of happiness by balancing your hormonal output and increasing serotonin, dopamine and testosterone when they’re running low. Don’t worry, drink ChagiT and be happy.

The human species is truly remarkable.  We can adapt to any environment and solve any problem we set our minds to, except sometimes our own selves.  Your own body can become your worst enemy when it is fighting illness.  When it’s a battle for survival, you need every weapon you can get.
The chaga mushroom is the ultimate survivor, when conditions are their worst, it’s at its strongest.  Gain from its strength.  Add the ultimate adaptogen to your arsenal.  Talk to your doctor and see if they think Chagit can help you in your fight.


We are all evolving every day. To follow team ChagiT’s evolution, check out our Blog and watch our User’s stories.

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