The new addition

Female Hormone Balance

  • Balance Hormones

  • Enhance Sensual Function

  • Relieve Monthly Symptoms

  • Improve Sexual Health

Male Hormone Boost

  • Naturally Boost Testosterone

  • Helps with Mood

  • Increase Energy & Endurance

  • Increase Circulation

Not all Mushrooms are created equal

Mushrooms' true benefits are only available when they are harvested from their natural habitat.

Lab grown mushroom mycelium, has very few of their benefits and are mainly filler.

Mushroom powders do not have the potency or bioavailability of liquid extractions.

Mushroom tinctures are not full-spectrum and contain alcohol.

Our full-spectrum, 5 stage extractions are the best way to get the maximum benefits available in these amazing functional mushrooms.

  • Pure Face Soap

    Chaga contains the highest source of bioavailable Melanin found in Nature. We make a special extraction that we infuse into our soaps to deliver it directly to your skin.

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  • Vitality Shot

    Chaga combined with other super-antioxidants Matcha, Ginger and Pomegranate for a delicious blast of Vitality.

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  • Shroom Juice - Pure Chaga Liquid Extract - 225 ml

    Shroom Juice - Pure Chaga

    Our Pure Chaga Shroom Juice is crafted from 100% wild-harvested Alaskan chaga mushroom through our 5-stage, 13 day extraction process. It can taken by itself or added to any food or beverage. It acts perfectly as a non-glycemic sweetener to replace sugar.