Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mushroom Nutrition

Functional foods add additional benefits beyond the standard nutrients found in most foods.

Mushrooms are among the most potent and prolific ever discovered.

Chaga is the King of Mushrooms, considered the world's greatest adaptogen and most potent antioxidant.

Our Chaga based liquid extracts are the easiest way to add the highest level of functional nutrients into your daily diet and experience the best benefits possible from mushroom nutrition.

We give you the mushroom, the whole mushroom and nothing but the mushroom.

Our full-spectrum extracts use only fruiting bodies and pure raw materials.

Our chaga is 100% wild-harvested from the birch forests of Alaska.

We add no colors, flavors, or fillers. No junk.

Choose your own Adventure

Everyone has their own needs.

Choose the blend the fits yours.

Mushroom Nutrition Your Way

Sweet Liquid Xtracts

Full-Spectrum, Sugar Free, Functional Extract / Sweeteners that deliver powerful mushroom and... 

Mushroom Wellness Shots

Your daily blast of mushroom nutrition in a full potency, ready-to-drink, 2 oz... 

  • Versatility

    SLX (Sweet Liquid Xtracts) can be added to any food or drink you desire, and its sweet yet neutral taste means that it blends beautifully. The products are non-glycemic and make a perfect sugar substitute.

  • Bio-Availability

    Liquids are more directly bio-available than powders and our SLX are the ultimate representation of this. They go to work for your body immediately.

  • Quality

    We use only the highest quality raw ingredients, extracted through our patent-pending extraction process to deliver the best nutrition available in these mushrooms and superfoods.