Our Process

We produce everything ourselves.

From the forest to your kitchen.

What we do is unique.

It's not cheap.

It's not easy.

It does bring you the best in mushroom nutrition.

It is absolutely worth it.

  • 1 - HARVEST

    All our raw materials are sustainably sourced; either wild-harvested or wild-crafted, or grown by farmers that we know.

  • 2 - TEST

    Raw materials are tested by a 3rd party, for heavy metals, molds and other pathogens, to ensure quality and purity.

  • 3 - GRIND

    Raw materials are ground down to a fine powder (20-30 micron) to allow for effective extraction.


    We take the raw materials through our 4-stage, 13-day extraction process, employing purified water and coconut derived glycerin in varying ratios and at different temperatures to extract the full-spectrum of bioactive compounds.

  • 5 - BLEND

    The extracts from the 4-stages are blended into one single full-spectrum extract, at cold temperature to retain all the bioactive compounds, including those susceptible to damage from heat.


    The blended complete extraction is evaporated at a low temperature, to remove the water content, leaving behind our concentrated pure liquid extract; Shroom Juice.

  • 7 - TEST

    The final product is sent to a third-party for testing, to ensure its safety, purity and potency.

  • 8 - BOTTLE

    The complete and tested extraction is bottled in our facility and shipped directly to you.


    Now it's your turn! Enjoy the product how you choose, adding it to the food or beverage of your choice and welcoming the best of functional mushroom nutrition into your life.